The Lost Soles

The Lost Soles

Giving a fresh start to the "Lost Soles" of the sneaker industry of Indonesia. 

Since 2009, Indosole has prevented 150k+ waste tires from going to the landfill and given them new life as soles for our footwear. We strive to not only be pioneers of recycling in the footwear sector but also reduce and repurpose landfill waste on a global scale.

With transparency in our manufacturing process as a core driver, Indosole is continuously reworking its production process and concept to become the greenest and cleanest in the game. As a certified B Corp we are committed to the standards set forth in order to create a more ethical and open business environment. 

As environmental keepers of the future and simply a dedicated team of motivated and young people, we decided it was time to evolve one step further. We are proud to introduce our newest technology "The Lost Sole Collection." 

As an international hub for sneaker manufacturing, millions of pairs of shoes are being produced monthly in Indonesia. With this rapid growth, there are 100's of thousands of defects which are being thrown away. 

Similar to tires, sneaker soles are made from strong and durable materials that are made so well that they will take a long time to break down. Material of this strength can take over 1,000 years to decompose! 

In following our signature process of turning waste tires to footwear soles, we have developed our "Recycled Sneaker Technology." Each defective sneaker sole is pulverized into a powder and then reshaped and molded into a 60% recycled sole. The new advantage as we see it, is using more waste which otherwise sits in a landfill while also giving our footwear soles more life and COLOR. 

We now offer 3 colors in Flip Flops, Slides, and Platforms which are extra comfortable and ready for any adventure that comes their way. 

We are always looking to make our products better and this season we have. With the same quality, durability and attention to detail; the new and improved slides are more comfortable like never before featuring Dream Cloud Comfort.

Indosole aims to make a shift from evergreen talks into a more refreshing product. Indosole believes that with a fun approach the company is able to contribute to shaping the consumer patterns of future generations.

 We hope you enjoy our latest creation and try a pair for yourself. 

The Indosole Team