World Ocean Day

World Ocean Day

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World Ocean Day! 


In celebration of our oceans we thought we would start off this blog with some awareness and facts about them so we can properly appreciate all that they do for us. 

Around 70% of our planet's surface is covered by enormous bodies of water. With the deepest part of it being 11,034 meters (36,201 feet) below the water's surface. According to National Geographic, if Mount Everest was placed there, the tip of the mountain would still be at least 2,133 meters (7,000 feet) below sea level. The oceans offer habitats for millions of species with only a minor amount being known to mankind. To this day it is estimated that we only discovered 5% of the oceans worldwide. The biodiversity still unidentified might be up to millions.

Considering the incredible importance of healthy oceans to every living organism on earth, World Oceans Day aims to protect at least 30% of our oceans, lands and waters by the year of 2030 (“30x30”). World Oceans Day specifically demands 30x30 because of recent studies suggesting that we will need to protect at least this amount of our planet, to secure earth‘s life supporting systems and to obtain biodiversity. Currently less than 17% of land and less than 8% of oceans is legally protected from destruction through exploitation or pollution. Oceans connect all living things, provide livelihoods for millions and are vital for life on earth. They produce at least 50% of the oxygen we are breathing and are able to store 50 times more carbon dioxide than the surrounding atmosphere. Additionally, the oceans are essential for climate regulation because they transport heat from the equator to the north and South Pole creating viable weather conditions. The world's oceans also supply humans with food, medicine, as well as jobs for more than 40 million people. Especially people from developing countries rely on the sea for their livelihoods. World Oceans Day therefore strives to keep the global movement growing to apply more pressure on the world's governments and economy to do their part in 30x30 and take it seriously. Already over 41.000 individuals and 1.100 organizations from 84 countries are committed to protect 30% of the plant. 

With a seemingly never ending list of points that prove the great importance of oceans to life on earth, Indosole wants to stress the need of taking immediate actions now. Raising awareness for this topic is only one of many actions that can be taken. Participating in online events, signing petitions, educating yourself or people close to you, creating or consuming art meant to highlight the struggles we are facing can be likewise as impactful. As a certified B-Corp Indosole is committed to do our best to impact earth's sensitive balance between humans and nature positively, hence the celebration of World Oceans Day!

Let's all take a minute today to truly appreciate all that our oceans do for us.


With love, 

Your Indosole Team <3