Indosole are entering their second year in Australia with more motivation now than ever before. The introduction of Indosoles’ Metamorphosis campaign has created fashion fluid concept with imagery directed at their broad community.

The name itself conjures images of change and transition from one thing to another. It is in essence the simplest metaphor that both describes INDOSOLES production process (tyres to footwear) but also speaks directly to the INDOSOLE philosophy of duty of care, sustainability and an ecological awareness of the fragility of habitats and environment.

The considered nature of the Metamorphosis campaign highlights the collaborative nature in which the Indosole team create, enlisting those people in their community who they respect and are inspired by.

This season sees the introduction of new styles in The CROSS and Women’s Platforms. Indosole core colours draw inspiration from everyday elements in the natural world, this season they pay homage to their roots adding a pastel twist by introducing light soil, light leaf and light shore. The Cross will be available both core colours and the aforementioned pastel offering.

Sustainable footwear isn’t just for adults with the introduction of Indosoles’ first kids range for the extra little in thongs with back straps and for bigger kids without.

As always Indosoles’ core values of making a difference from start to finish are the main consideration of every decision. Minimalist eco footwear without the usual cost prohibitions, helping the majority make the seamless shift towards conscious consumption.

Indosole as a global brand have dedicated the last 10 years to being the keepers of the future. They have merged artisan skill with corrective impact, developing a laborious shoemaking process that transforms tyres to soles by hand. Through this analog technology and circular thinking they were able to save over 80,000 tyres from landfill but looking at the exponential rate of the industrial world waste, they had to up their game.

SETT (SOLE ENGINEERED TYRE TECHNOLOGY) was the outcome of an entire years’ worth of research and development. This technology discovered by Indosoles’ lab scientists pulverizes the tyre into a fine powder and resets if with natural and recycled rubber.
In full swing production with SETT Indosole can save up to 1,500 tyres per day. The process is quantifiable, which means that they pass environmental ownership and transparency along the supply chain.

The Indosole Australia brand is going from strength to strength as distribution under the Australian company umbrella is set to expand to New Zealand, Hong Kong and China with availability across the country in bricks and mortar stores in every state and online outlets such as Well Made Clothes and The Iconic.


Shot by Natalie Cottee-Moore

Video by Augustin Chauvet

Styled by Kirsty Barros

HMU by Jennifer Kilpatrick

Models: Kristen Apollos

                Josh Carnovale

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