Anna + Britt + Izzy

The term "Wise beyond years" is annoyingly cliche these days, "Been here before" could be coming to the end of it's cycle as well, however you want to describe the inspiring women from The Hemp Temple you always seem to fall short of the feeling they omit.

Each individual brings an element that is uniquely theirs. Those who have had the privilege to spend any amount of time with Anna, Britt and Izzy together or separately will understand that standing in truth can translate into a beautiful down to earth human experience with a huge amount of laughter.

Unafraid to say the things most people's social conditioning would stop at the gates, these girls seem to be learning at a rapid rate which transcends the everyday.
This translates directly into a business which promotes social and environmental conscious, stripping away the "norms" of some common thought and radically urging you to think freely and act now!

The Hemp Temple is a modern day touchstone for those who are ready to feel, not just "hippies" (whatever that means).

PLUS, they make killer clothes out of the worlds most demonised super resource, HEMP!

Anna: I was Born in New Zealand on my parents brief work stint in Auckland. When I was one we moved over to the northern beaches where I’ve spent the majority of my life.

Britt: I was born in Mona Vale on Sydney’s Northern beaches

Izzy: I was born underwater, in a women’s hospital in Sydney.

A: Growing up on the northern beaches and also having a family who travelled a lot gave me a love of the ocean and the mountains.To me the Northern beaches are beautiful but there is also something stagnant here that my heart always yearns to explore and experience other cultures and foreign lands.
I also like to live simply my favourite thing to do is be head deep in a book or a Hafiz poem on the beach. There is a fire burning inside me to create art and to change the world but theres also a side of me that is excited to be an old crown watching the birds and drinking ongoing cups of tea.

“Run my dear, from anything that may not strengthen your precious budding wings. Run like hell my dear, from anyone likely to put a sharp knife into the sacred, tender vision of your beautiful heart.” – Hafiz.

I’m inspired by people who are doing their own thing jumping out of the mainstream and creating from their dreams or their hearts. I’m inspired by artists such as Dali and powerful women like Frida Kahlo and then I’m inspired by kind, quirky people I meet along the journey that is life. I’m hugely inspired by Brit and Izzy as they’re beside me all the time and seeing them constantly trying new things and bettering themselves makes me always need to level up.

B: I grew up dancing and reading books, the books embedded into my psyche worlds that existed outside of the life I knew. I wanted to live a life worth reading about. I’ve always been a dreamer, and wanted to make something of myself, that allowed freedom of exploration of myself and the world. I dabbled in university, but never found soul fulfillment. The girls and I, came together in 2014 and decided to create a business ( unbeknownst to us it would become the Hemp Temple) that would allow freedom and travel. The adventure began, one of self work, exploration, travel, business and hemp.

(Inspiration) The Poets; Hafiz, Rumi, Rainer Maria Rilke, David whyte. Poets, know whats up, they go beyond the mind, reminding me to dream and that life is transitory.
And then our friendship, the trilogy. It is a rare, infinite portal of creation, possibility and freedom. To stand in your power often creates discomfort for others, and with my sisters beside me, there is an unwavering truth, beauty and love that no one can touch.

I: Hmmm… I am a passionate person. Issues in the world move me deeply and inspire me to step out into the world and use my voice. I am an introverted extrovert, i’m either fire or pretty peaceful. I forget lots of things, in day to day interactions I dream a lot. Nature is my refuge, anywhere spacious and quiet. I feel most comfortable in the company of animals, humans are wild and confusing creatures. But when I am surrounded by humans in their power, their passion or totally in themselves; they blow me away. I am a pisces sun, aquarius rising and aries moon. I am a philosopher and a poet. Writing is my way of understanding the world and my own place in it. I am privileged to know what true sisterhood is.

(Inspiration) Greta Thunberg, not only for her indescribable courage but also for her eloquence. Public speaking is my Achilles heel and she deeply moves me in the way she holds herself.
David Attenbourough, but also his whole camera crew blow my mind, open my perspective and give our modern world access to the indescribable beauty of earth.
Joana Macey, firstly for translating gods gift Rainer Marie Rilke’s poetry. But also for curating deep ecology, carving the path of activism and being a general wise queen.
Patagonia inspires my work ethos a lot, I really respect Yvons’ journey and the unconventional path he carved for business.
And musically, Lonnie Holley and his crew live are an experience… his presence is something else.

SOLEMATES: Anna, Britt and Izzy
Photographer: Tim Baker